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Discover an extensive range of reliable and versatile semi-automatic handguns. From concealed carry to competition shooting, our wide selection ensures you'll find the perfect semi automatic gun to fit your shooting needs. Enjoy quick and secure delivery, and elevate your shooting experience to new heights.




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When was the first semi automatic gun made?

Austrian-born Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher is credited with creating the first successful semi-automatic rifle in 1885. He also created a few semi-automatic pistols. In 1902, John Moses Browning developed the first semi automatic shotgun. It was originally manufactured by FNH and sold under the Browning name. When it comes to rimfire, Winchester Repeating Arms Company introduced the first semi auto rimfire and centerfire rifles to the civilian market.

Is a revolver semi automatic?

We regularly are asked if revolvers are semi automatic. The short answer is no. Revovlers fire from multiple chambers and a barrel and others, like the Derringer, fire from multiple chambers and multiple barrels. Therefore, a revolver is not classified as a semi-automatic gun. offers the largest selection of semi-automatic handguns for sale in America. Our Nebraska showroom sets the standard for experiencing hands-on testing of pistols and handguns before you buy. Test out your favorite semi auto handgun on our outdoor range nestled on 34 acres of beautiful country nature.