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We carry the best-selling knife brands and designs to serve as the ultimate personality statement and utility tool. When it comes to knives, you have a lot of amazing brands to choose from, each with its own story and distinct style. We keep the most popular knives, including Benchmade knives, Buck knives, Case knives, Kershaw knives, and more. Browse our selection to find the perfect gift for the outdoorsman or hunter in your life. Our stock includes a variety of knives, including cold steel knives, pocket knives, automatic knives, hunting & filet knives, and more.

Types of Knives for Outdoorsman & Sporting Enthusiasts

No matter what brings you into the wilderness, you don’t want to leave home with the right knives for the situation. There are several different types of knives and many are specially designed to complete specific tasks more effectively.

Butcher Knives & Processing Tools

These knives are a must-have for extended wilderness adventures and hunting excursions. After you take down larger game, you may need to field dress the animal to reduce the weight and help prevent the meat from spoiling by encouraging the meat to lose temperature rapidly. This is where butcher knives and other processing tools come in.

One essential tool in your processing kit should be a caping blade. This is a short and shallow blade with an extremely sharp point that is specially designed for skinning animals, particularly around the head, antlers, and feet. When looking for a quality caping blade, you want to find one that offers high-quality blade material, such as high stainless carbon steel, to help the blade keep its edge cut after cut. This is more of a personal preference, but you will want a caping blade that’s comfortable, ergonomic, and easy to use to maneuver for accurate cuts.

Handheld bone saws such as the AccuSharp 730C 6” Stainless Steel Bone Saw feature an ergonomic handle with a rubberized grip.

No processing kit is complete without a skinning knife specially designed for cutting the skin without cutting through the fur. They should feature a blunt tip to help prevent the knife from puncturing vital organs, which can lead to the meat being spoiled if ruptured. Like the other precision knives in your processing kit, your skinning knife should include a textured handle that provides a firm grip even in moist environments.

The difference between a good fisherman and a great one is the quality of the fillet knife in their tackle box. Of course, that’s not true; they’re only as good as their friend’s boat. All jokes aside, a high-quality fillet knife makes preparing freshly caught fish a cinch. With top-quality knives like the AccuSharp Titanium 6.5” fillet knife with sharpener, you will make fish preparation a truly effortless experience. No more hacking and sawing back and forth. Instead, you’ll produce incredible fillets fit for the finest campsite.

Never leave home without a utility knife. You never know when it will come in handy, but you don’t want to be caught without one when you need it. With all of your field processing tools, weight is always a factor, so you want to find knives that are light yet durable.

Other Survival Tools and Outdoorsman Gear at DEGuns

We also carry a variety of other survival tools and gear for outdoorsmen, such as axes and multitools. Our axe selection includes options for both sport and function.

Complete your wilderness adventure or camping with a Ridgeline Multi-use Axe. It’s light enough to carry on short camping & hunting trips but also versatile enough to cut kindling and tinder. The back edge of the axe also features a rope cutter, should it be needed. When not in use, protect the blade by including a snap closure sheath. You should note that this utility axe is not powerful enough to split most small logs. For those use cases, you’ll want to consider a full-sized hatchet. Both are excellent for wilderness survival scenarios, but the lightweight Ridgeline is more likely to be an everyday carry in your pack.

The sport of axe throwing has grown in popularity recently, with axe-throwing recreational facilities opening up all over the country. Hone your axe-throwing skills on your next outdoor adventure with DEGun’s selection of throwing axes. Our inventory includes the always-popular Cold Steel Trench Hawk, which is made from ultra-durable materials that are able to withstand the shock associated with regular use. It features a rugged polypropylene handle that’s more durable than hickory handles and a 1055 Carbon Steel blade. Our axe offerings also include standard throwing hatchets and general-use axes.

Knife Accessories

A high-quality set of knives is an investment for any avid outdoorsman. You can extend the life of that investment by making sure you properly maintain your knives and axes. We carry specialized blade sharpening tools to keep your blades cutting true. Because different blades require different treatment regimens to keep them operating at a high level, we’ve carefully procured an inventory that includes blade sharpeners of all shapes and sizes. Our extensive selection includes classic sharpening stones, honing solutions, sharpening rods, whetstones, and more.

Tactical Knives

Tactical knives offer a mix of utility and preparedness. They are excellent for emergency situations and various outdoor activities. Tactical knives are also known for their extra-durable construction, so they can take a beating and still be reliable in situations where they’re needed. When browsing our massive selection of tactical knives, you’re sure to find one that has the utility you’re looking for in the style that matches your personality.

Popular Knife Brands

We stock the most popular outdoor and tactical knife manufacturers to ensure we have the products you’re looking for. A new knife is the perfect gift for any wilderness survival enthusiast or outdoorsman.

Benchmade Knives is a premium manufacturer of high-quality knives for a variety of purposes, including hunting and camping. At their U.S.-based workshop, they work to create the best fixed blade and folding knives for people of all skill levels and professions. Benchmade knives set a high bar for quality and customer service. They offer a lifetime re-sharpening service on their knives.

Buck Knives is the creator of one of the most popular hunting knife designs of all time, the Buck Model 110 Folding Hunter knife. It introduced the folding and locking mechanism many knives use to this day. Buck Knives is heading into four generations of family ownership, and they’ve never let quality and durability fall by the wayside despite all of their success.

It’s hard to believe that Gerber Knives has been developing high-quality knives and outdoor tools since 1939, but it’s true. Over the years, hunters, soldiers, and people from all walks of life have trusted Gerber knives for their quality, reliability, and innovations. From Portland, Oregon they create some of their most iconic and best-selling Gerber knives including the StrongArm Coyote and Savvy Legendary knives.

Case Knives are the ultimate camping and light utility pocket knives. They’re durable enough to carve wood and agile enough to use as dinner cutlery in a pinch. Case knives are an excellent option when you need a knife that can do a bit of everything. They do tend to run at a higher price point. This is because they are similar to Swiss Army Knives in that they have multiple blades, each of which is of the highest quality and must be manufactured for specific use cases. They are one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the U.S., founded in 1889.

Kershaw Knives is another U.S.-based knife manufacturer based in Oregon. Pete Kershaw founded the company in 1974. What’s more interesting is that prior to forming Kershaw Knives, Pete was working at Gerber, another one of the most popular knife brands in the United States. Since then, Kershaw Knives has racked up plenty of awards, including no shortage of Kitchen Knife of the Year awards. Those accolades speak to the overall quality and consistency Kershaw Knives provides their customers.

Crkt Knives, which stands for Columbia River Knife & Tool, has brought some of the best purpose-built knives to the market for over 25 years. You can always count on Crkt to deliver innovation that changes the game without straying from reliability or ease of use. Some of their best sellers include the M16 Tanto, CEO Flipper, and Redemption Crossbar Lock knife.

Sog Specialty Knives, which is more affectionately known as Sog Knives, is a U.S.-based knife company. They’re most known for their reproduction SOG Knife which was used during the Vietnam War era. Sog knives also produces professional-use knives, outdoor enthusiast knives, and everyday carry knives.