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Explore the compact and versatile world of AR-15 pistols. From tactical applications to home defense, these firearms offer unparalleled flexibility, reliability, and performance. With our quick and secure delivery, you can gear up and face any challenge with confidence. Shop now and take your shooting experience to the next level!




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What is an AR Pistol?

An AR Pistol features the same lower and upper receiver as an AR-15 rifle with two distinct differences. The first is the barrel length. An AR pistol must have a barrel length of less than 16". The second is the pistol brace versus the typical adjustable buttstock you would find on a rifle. Instead of comparing an AR Pistol to an AR-15 Rifle, it's best to compare AR pistols with handguns since that is how AR pistols are regulated.

The main difference between a short barrel rifle (SBR) and an AR-15 pistol is the pistol's ability to shoot with one hand. AN SBR can be fired from the shoulder using a traditional buttstock. DEGuns offers a wide selection of AR-15 pistols and SBR's.