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DPMS Panther Oracle 5.56 NATO 16" AR-15 Semi-Auto Rifle

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Product Description

The DPMS Panther Oracle AR-15 Rifle

The DPMS Panther Arms Oracle 5.56 AR-15 Rifle is one of premiere firearms on the market today. It is known for:

  • Superb firepower
  • Exquisite lightweight handling
  • Intuitive design
  • Ability to adapt to user preference

What You Get With the Oracle Rifle

After ordering a DPMS Arms Oracle you will find a lightweight AR Platform rifle with Optic-Ready mounting to let you choose your optic. It sports a typical mil-standard A3 upper receiver, with a lightweight profile 16" barrel and a Pardus stock for better user experience and balanced handling.

The Oracle Rifle comes with a dust cover, pistol grip, and low profile gas block. The flat top picatinny rail allows mounting of any AR 15 optics or sights.

Specs for the DPMS Panther Arms Oracle 5.56:

  • Trigger style: Standard AR-15
  • 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem Caliber
  • Weighs 6.4 Pounds
  • 32.5"/36.5" Long
  • 16" Lightweight 4140 Chrome Moly 1/9 Twist Barrel
  • Pardus with Commercial Tube Stock

What We Love About the DPMS Panther Arms Oracle 5.56

This is an incredible stripped down, just-the-basics rifle. It’s durable, a good weight, and truth be told, we have fun shooting it! The reason we can recommend it to anyone with so much confidence is that it is easily customizable.

This makes it a great deal for its price, because you get such a complete range of functionality options out of a single firearm. It cycles reliably, and the stock is adjustable for increased comfort.

What Are Gun Owners Saying About This AR 15-Style Rifle?

Scan through other reviews of this firearm, and you will find no shortage of people who love it. They tend to describe this gun as the perfect entry-level AR 15 style rifle.

You’ll see people pleased with the price point as well. Not only that, people appreciate the fact that you can use any AR-brand magazine with the DPMS Panther Oracle.

Great 5.56 NATO Ammo for the DPMS Panther Oracle

One of the convenient features of the Panther is the face that you can fire with either 5.56 NATO ammunition or .223 Rem Caliber rounds. Try Hornady American Gunner 5.56 NATO Ammunition for a premium ammo manufactured with rigorous, reliable consistency.

The smooth brass cases virtually guarantee snag-free feeding every time. You get high-performance ammo at an incredible price point with these rounds.

.223 Rem Caliber Ammo for the DPMS Panther Arms Oracle

One of the simplest and cleanest options for getting premium Steel-Cased .223 Rem ammo is through TulAmmo. This manufacturer pumps out reliable, rugged 55 grain hollow point bullets. Grab a case of 50 boxes with 20 rounds per box at an incredible price.

How to Learn More about the DPMS Panther Oracle

DEGuns is a leading dealer of firearms, ammo and accessories, and outdoor adventure gear of all kinds. Our in-house firearm experts would be happy to help you figure out if the Panther Oracle is the right firearm for you.

We can also advise you on the best magazines and ammo to go with it. Contact us online or call 402-875-6500 to learn more.

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Barrel Length
.223 Rem / 5.56 Nato