AmmoRifle AmmoHornady Custom 300 Blackout 135 gr Flex Tip eXpanding 20 Bx

Hornady Custom 300 Blackout 135 gr Flex Tip eXpanding 20 Bx


Product Description

Hornady custom loads are specifically designed for any type of shooting that requires accuracy. Whether you are testing a newly built rifle, or you need to earn top scores in your next target shooting competition, these Hornady custom loads will excel. These high quality loads feature Hornady's most accurate and consistent match grade projectiles, giving you the best chance to get tight groups and good scores. Hornady uses high quality power, primer's and cases which provide you with optimal pressures and consistent velocities. Before you next trip to the range, or your next competition stop pick up some Hornady Custom ammo and unlock the potential of your gun.

.300 Blackout

135 grains

FTX bullet

Brass cased


2085 fps muzzle velocity

1813 fps at 100 yards

1563 fps at 200 yards

1349 fps at 300 yards

1303 ft/lbs muzzle energy

985 ft/lbs at 100 yards

732 ft/lbs at 200 yards

545 ft/lbs at 300 yards


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