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Oakley Standard Issue Tombstone Spoil Sporting Clay Prizm - OO9328-03

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Product Details

SI Tombstone Spoil lens is our most advanced shooting eye shield delivering unprecedented performance for the modern day marksman.

We worked with top marksmen to identify the most crucial problems they encountered with conventional eyewear.

The response focused on three specific areas: Field of View, Contrast/Clarity, and Lens Interchangeability.

Solving these problems was at the forefront of designing all aspects of Tombstone™.

Using eye-tracking technology, we identified the key zones in your field of view to allow for 120 degrees of vision.

We incorporated PRIZM™ technology to provide contrast enhanced viewing to help lock in your target and decrease eye fatigue/eye strain.


Light Transmission: 2,100%

Light Conditions: Medium Light

Contrast: Beyond Increased

Base Lens Color: Red


SKU OO9328-03

UPC 888392131119