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Oakley Standard Issue Tombstone Spoil Sporting Clay Prizm

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Product Description

Oakley Standard Issue introduces a revolutionary competitive shooting eyeshield, the Tombstone™. Oakley worked with top marksmen to identify the most crucial problems they encountered with conventional eyewear. The response focused on three specific areas:

Oakley Standard Issue Areas of Expertise

Field of View

Most glasses do not provide the wearer with a full field of view. Most people's horizontal field of view (how far we can see from left to right) is around 135 degrees. However, glasses tend to shrink the effective field of view to somewhere between 90 and 115 degrees, depending on the width of the glasses and their proximity to the eyes.

So even in the best-case scenario, eyeglass wearers experience a smaller effective field of view than our glasses-less counterparts. Oakley Standard Issue Tombstone eyeshields increase the effective field of view far beyond other comparable eyeshields.

Optical Contrast and Clarity

The diffusion of light and the distortion of the image in front of the wearer are crucial aspects to operators. Oakley's proprietary contrast and clarity technology provides the best image and availability to pick out the necessary targets of one's mission.

Lens Interchangeability

The objective of any shooter or operator highly affects their loadout and resources. The Oakley Standard Issue Tombstone allows for other specialized Oakley lenses to adapt to any environment the operator finds themself in. These eyeshields were developed with the durability and flexibility to fit any sporting event or mission

Oakley Technology Solves Traditional Eyeshield Issues

Solving these problems was at the forefront of designing all aspects of Tombstone™ eyeshields. Using eye-tracking technology, Oakley Standard Issue identified the key zones in your field of view to allow for 120 degrees of vision.

Incorporating PRIZM™ technology provides contrast enhanced viewing to help lock in your target and decrease eye fatigue/eye strain. Finally, Oakley integrated a single release trigger for rapid lens exchange that is fingerprint free.

The end result: Tombstone™, Oakley's most advanced shooting eyeshield delivering unprecedented performance for the modern day marksman.

PRIZM Sporting Clay Specifications

  • Light Transmission: 2,100%
  • Light Conditions: Medium Light
  • Contrast: Beyond Increased
  • Base Lens Color: Red
  • SKU: OO9328-03
  • UPC: 888392131119

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